Camps and Workshops

HFNZ runs a programme of workshops and events for every age and stage of life for those within the bleeding disorder community.

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HFNZ run educational workshops and events specifically targeted to the needs of people with bleeding disorders and their families. Our goal is to inform, build a sense of community and most of all have fun!

Family Camp

Despite advances in treatment, many parents feel devastated when their child is diagnosed with a bleeding disorder. Part of the mission at HFNZ is to help share the message that the challenges you face when coping with a bleeding disorder ultimately make you stronger. HFNZ also provides support for families as they discover what haemophilia means for their family.

Held bi-annually, Newly Diagnosed Families Camps bring together young families affected by haemophilia from all over New Zealand. Parents gain strength through knowledge and understanding, and look to each other for friendship and support. For many children, camp is the first time that they have been around other children and adults with haemophilia. This camaraderie provides campers with a sense of relief that they are not the only ones with haemophilia and with an opportunity to share with others. Children learn about their disorder and enjoy having fun whilst being “just like everyone else”.

Children's Workshops

The always popular regional Children’s Education Workshops are great days out for younger children with a bleeding disorder, aged 6-10, to learn the basics and have a heap of fun meeting other kids in their region. Held every other year, the theme and structure change from year to year. Sometimes national events and sometimes they are held regionally to allow siblings to participate as well.

Youth Camp

Teen Camps provide an educational and fun weekend camp for boys with bleeding disorders aged 10-18 years. Held every other year, it gives boys opportunities to interact and forged further friendships with others who same the concerns and challenges of living with a bleeding disorder. Team leaders are older youth with bleeding disorders who all provide important mentoring. Boys who attend HFNZ Youth Camp often return home with an increased sense of self-confidence, a new-found sense of community, and, for many, the ability to self-infuse. They also have the chance to make new friends and participate in a number of fun activities that entertain, amuse and challenge.

Watch awesome videos of our 2011 Teen/Youth Camp or 2013 Youth Camp

Women’s Workshop Weekend

Tailored for girls and women who carry the gene for a genetic disorder or themselves are affected by one, Women’s Workshop Weekends bring together women from across the country to learn, talk – and have a lot of fun. The result is greater understanding and ability to deal with the physical and emotional implication of their disorder.

Men’s Workshop Weekend

Men’s Workshop Weekends are for men with bleeding disorders for a weekend retreat of education and recreation. The aim is to relax, spend time together and to develop a sense of community while taking part in a number of activities and educational sessions. They discuss strategies on living with haemophilia and learn from one another.

Wellness Weekends

Wellness Weekends focus on (unsurprisingly) wellness! The workshops are aimed at adults with bleeding disorders but partners are also invited in recognition of the huge support role they play. The atmosphere is relaxed, inviting and provides plenty of opportunities to get to know each other while sharing information information to support living well with haemophilia or vWD.


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