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Youth Camp 2020 10/07/2020

The 2020 HFNZ Youth Camp in Auckland has been postponed

Unfortunately the 2020 HFNZ Youth Camp has been postoned due to the Covid-19 situation. The HFNZ executive will review all events on 1 July, and determine when Youth Camp will be rescheduled to.

Growing up is exciting, challenging, and often very confusing. When a bleeding disorder is added to the mix the challenges of young adulthood only increase. The Youth Camp, for 10-18 year-olds, uses a combination of education, fun, and peer and mentor support, to help young people move to the next stage of managing their condition. The focus is on being well-informed and better able to make decisions about their bleeding disorder treatment, education, work, life-style and relationships.

Keep your eyes peeled for further information.

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