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Maintaining joint health for people with bleeding disorders during COVID-19 27/07/2020 10:00am

Interesting online education form WFH

WFH will be conducting a webinar on Thursday, July 30th on MSK and COVID to respond to concerns and questions patients are having at this time regarding the impact of the pandemic on joint and muscle health.

The webinar will be conducted in English, and is for the whole bleeding disorder community particularly targeting patients, HCPs would benefit from joining too. Details are as follows:

"Maintaining joint health for people with bleeding disorders during COVID-19?"

The webinar will be chaired by Glenn Pierce WFH VP Medical. Greig Blamey (Canada), WFH MSK Committee Chair; Cesar Haddad (Lebanon), WFH MSK Committee Junior Vice Chair; Pamela Narayan (India), physiotherapist and WFH volunteer, and Andrew Selvaggi (Australia), a patient with hemophilia and a personal trainer will present their perspectives, including the following:

· Impact of the pandemic on joint and muscle health

· Health and practical tips and home-based exercises

· Telemedicine for MSK

· “Stuck at home” challenges for patients

Date: Thursday July 30th, 2020

Time: 10:00am EDT / 4:00pm GMT+1

Registration: you can register here:

Questions: Anyone who wishes to submit questions for the Q&A is encouraged to do so by emailing the WFH at Participants can also type live questions directly into the Zoom Q&A box.

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