Improving the lives and long-term outcomes of people affected by bleeding disorders since 1958

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Promoting excellence in haemophilia 
care, education, advocacy and support.

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About HNZ

Haemophilia New Zealand Inc. (HNZ) was established in 1958 to connect and support people with Haemophilia across New Zealand. More than 60 years later, HNZ continues working for all those living with Haemophilia A & B, and also represents people with von Willebrand’s disorder, platelet disorders, and many other rare, chronic, inherited bleeding conditions.

At HNZ, we understand that we’re stronger together. That means being an inclusive organisation, which represents the needs of people with many different rare and inherited bleeding disorders, enabling us to make a difference where it really counts.

Our belief in the power of unity is one of the reasons that HNZ is a part of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH). Joining other international member organisations gives us a more powerful voice for our people.

While each HNZ member is a unique individual, all are an integral part of the larger NZ bleeding disorder community. HNZ is committed to connecting and unifying our community, and empowering those affected by bleeding disorders across New Zealand.

HNZ comprises four regions throughout the country (Northern, Midland, Central, Southern), with an Outreach Worker assigned to each. There are also two national groups - Piritoto and the National Youth Committee. The Board is responsible for the governance of HNZ, on which sits the National President, two Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, and a representative from each of the regions and groups. All Board positions are voluntary and decided by election at the Annual General Meeting.

HNZ is very proud of advances and success we have achieved over the last 60 years. To continue to reach toward our goals, we rely largely on public donations. With the incredible generosity of the New Zealand public and the amazing support received from our Sustaining Patrons, Corporate Friends, and grant applications, HNZ look forward to many more success stories in coming years.

Role of HNZ

  • Promote the personal interest, treatment, rehabilitation, lifetime care, and advancement in life, of all people with haemophilia and related genetic bleeding diseases
  • Offer information and guidance, which promotes effective measures of care
  • Promote full participation and equal opportunity for all in community activities, education, recreation, and employment
  • Provide or facilitate individual assistance welfare, participation, opportunity, and advocacy
  • Provide representation, at a regional and national level, to ensure that adequate and safe supplies of treatment products, and other treatments or cares are available
  • Advocate for adequate services to meet the needs of people with haemophilia
  • Provide up-to-date information
  • Act as a consultative body to Government
  • Educate families, health professionals and other key stakeholders.

Read more about HNZ, its history and the story of haemophilia in New Zealand in Still Standing: Haemophilia New Zealand 1958-2008. Hard copies are available from HNZ.