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HNZ's National Council 2014-2015

Meet the 2014/2015 National Council

The HNZ National Council for 2014/2015 was elected at the National Annual General Meeting on Saturday 13 September, 2014.

The officers were all re-elected to their positions unopposed, and are joined by the delegates from each of the Member Representative Groups to make up the National Council.

  • President - Deon York
  • Vice-President - Catriona Gordon
  • Vice-President - Richard Scott
  • Treasurer - Grant Hook
  • Youth Delegate - Hemi Waretini
  • Maori (Piri ToTo) Delegate - Patience Stirling
  • Northern Delegate - Greg Jamieson
  • Midland Delegate - Catriona Gordon
  • Central Delegate - Stephanie Coulman
  • Southern Delegate - James Poff
  • Co-pted and non-voting members:  Steve Waring, Richard Chambers (HNZ CEO)

Thank you to the National Council for providing leadership to the Foundation on behalf of all its members.  

Read more about the members of the National Council.

Download a copy of the 2013/2014 Annual Report< presented at the AGM, including reports from the President, Allan Coster Education EndowmentTrust and financials.

2013/2014 Annual Report