Improving the lives and long-term outcomes
of people impacted by bleeding disorders

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Promoting excellence in haemophilia 
care, education, advocacy and support.

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HFNZ offers grants to provide members with specified products and services, subject to HFNZ policy.

These include:

  • Swimming/Exercise
  • Supportive Footwear
  • Defensive Driving

Access to all HFNZ grants shall be on the basis of clinical need, supported by a clinical diagnosis of a bleeding disorder that would normally predispose the member to joint and muscle problems. Bleeding disorders that meet these criteria are:

  1. Severe factor VIII or IX deficiency
  2. Moderate Factor VIII or IX deficiency
  3. von Willebrand Disorder type 3

The Swimming/Exercise and Supportive Footwear grant is also available to members with other related bleeding disorders when supported by a letter from their clinician, physiotherapist, or haemophilia nurse stating that there is a clinical need related to their bleeding disorder.

The Defensive Driving Programme is available to all HFNZ members with a bleeding disorder regardless of clinical severity, and to the primary care-givers of children with a bleeding disorder regardless of clinical severity of the child’s bleeding disorder.

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