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Promoting excellence in haemophilia 
care, education, advocacy and support.

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Outreach services

HNZ currently has four Haemophilia Outreach Workers who offer support and service to people in our four regions across New Zealand.

Through our Outreach Workers, HNZ works to support and educate members, providing information about treatment, lifestyle, risks, and the need for personal responsibility. They can also play a special role in the support of newly diagnosed families or anyone needing special assistance.

Haemophilia Outreach Workers try to visit each person with haemophilia at least once a year, with supplementary visits and calls for special needs such as hospital inpatients, extended periods away from work or school, or when confined to home. They also help plan and implement educational and social events, camps, and workshops.

Feel free to contact them with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your or your child’s bleeding disorder. We are here to help.



Contact your Haemophilia Outreach Worker (HOW)

Northern Region

Darian Smith

Phone: 09 845 4658

Toll-free: 0508 FACTOR (322 867)


Midland Region

Loren Silva

Phone 07 856 4442

Toll-free: 0508 FACTOR (322 867)


Central Region

Lynne Campbell

Phone: 04 382 8442

Toll-free: 0508 FACTOR (322 867)


Southern Region

Vic Turner

Phone: 03 371 7485

Toll-free: 0508 FACTOR (322 867)



Download our Outreach Services Brochure: