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2018 Regional Children's Workshops

In the first half of 2018 HNZ will be running regional Children's Workshops. This is a great chance for kids to have some fun, meet their peers, and learn a bit more about living with a bleeding disorder.

This is a great opportunity to for kids aged 6-10 with a bleeding disorder, their siblings, and children of people with bleeding disorders to get together with others in the same boat. They'll have fun, form lasting friendships, and learn a bit too.

There'll be a workshop in each region during the first two school holidays of 2018. Here are the details for your local event:

Central - April 17 @ the Johnsonville Community Centre

Midland - April 24 @ Hamilton's Discovery Christian Centre

Northern - July 9 @ the Athol Syms Hall, Epsom

Southern - July 17 @ the Bromley Community Centre

While the kids are workshopping, parents will also get a chance to nip off for a coffee and touch base with the local Outreach Worker, and with each other.

Keep an eye on your inbox for invitations for your event now.



2018 Regional Children's Workshops