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Haemophilia Foundation of New Zealand

Improving the lives and long-term outcomes of people impacted by bleeding disorders

Established in 1958, Haemophilia Foundation of New Zealand Inc. (HFNZ) supports and represents people with haemophilia and other related bleeding disorders in New Zealand.

Haemophilia and related bleeding disorders such as von Willebrand Disorder are lifelong chronic conditions for which there are no cures. HFNZ aims to ensure that affected people and their families in New Zealand receive the best possible treatment, care and support.

Haemophilia and other bleeding disorders are rare. Our members are all unique but they have this one rare thing in common – being part of the bleeding disorder community. HFNZ creates ways to unify this community and assist those affected by bleeding disorder.

HFNZ is dedicated to improving the lives of people with haemophilia and related bleeding disorders; but we cannot do it alone. Only with the generous financial support of caring New Zealanders can we make difference.

Find out more about haemophilia or check out our Events and News Sections – or download the latest edition of our newsletter Bloodline.

HFNZ Latest News PNT7151 signature 2020 Virtual World Congress v3 outlined002

Glenn Pierce dives deeper into the programme!

28 May 2020

Register now! We are excited to announce that registration for the WFH Virtual Summit: Connecting the Global Bleeding Disorders Community is now open! Join us for six full days of meaningful...

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Our Upcoming Events Teramwork at 2017 Youth Camp

Youth Camp 2020

10 July 2020

Unfortunately the 2020 HFNZ Youth Camp has been postoned due to the Covid-19 situation. The HFNZ executive will review all events on 1 July, and determine when Youth Camp will be rescheduled...

Read about the event and more here
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HFNZ are here to support people with haemophilia and other bleeding disorders, their families/whanau.
For as little as $20 you can help the cause.

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