Bloodline is the Journal of the Haemophilia Foundation of New Zealand.

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Bloodline June 2015
2 June 2015

Click on cover below to read the June 2015 issue of Bloodline. Features include: World Haemophilia Day 2015 Buddy Awards 2015 Risks for inhibitor development Possible changes to product fund...

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Bloodline March 2015
3 March 2015

Click on cover below to read the March 2015 issue of Bloodline. Features include: Family Camp 2015 was Out of This World! Siblings: Best of friends and rivals Twinning Connection Wrap-Up Pso...

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Bloodline December 2014
27 November 2014

Click on cover below to read the December 2014 issue of Bloodline. Features include: 2014 Annual General Meeting Home Therapy and Treatment Records Twinning Connection BJ Ramsay Recognised w...

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Youth Leadership Weekend 2014 023
Bloodline September 2014
27 August 2014

Features include: 2013/2014 President's Report Youth Leadership Weekend 2014 Inhibitor Workshop Dealing with Bullying and so much more...

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Melbourne 2014 040
Bloodline July 2014
22 July 2014

Our special WFH 2014 Congress Edition!! Also Features: Farewell to Belinda Burnett, Men's Health Checklist, Choosing a daycare and so much more.   Click on cover image to read full PDF issue...

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2014 Childrens Workshop 174
Bloodline March 2014
1 March 2014

 Features: 2014 Children's Education Workshops, School Camps, Fibrosis vs. Cirrhosis... Click cover to read PDF   

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