Improving the lives and long-term outcomes
of people impacted by bleeding disorders

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Promoting excellence in haemophilia 
care, education, advocacy and support.

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An opportunity for those affected by inhibitors to get some education, and to develop their support network

Quality Inn, Parnell. August 18 - 20 2017

The development of an inhibitor, an immune response to treatment with clotting factors, is a risk for people with haemophilia. If an inhibitor develops it significantly changes the life of the individual, and their whānau.

The 2017 National Inhibitor Workshop offers specific education for the whole family, and for all ages, on inhibitors and the management of their impact. The workshop will help to develop a supportive network for people with inhibitors and their whānau, so you know that there's always someone there who knows what you're going through.

This event is scheduled for August 18 - 20 at the Quality Hotel, Parnell, Auckland. Keep your eyes peeled for more info...